Why Start Out with an Air Force Career: The Benefits

Why Start Out with an Air Force Career: The Benefits

Why Start Out with an Air Force Career: The BenefitsThere are many obvious and not so obvious benefits of starting out with an Air Force career. Here we talk about some of them.

First of all there are the various educational benefits. Upon getting enlisted into the Air Force, training is provided for the course. This training can deal with various categories depending on the kind of career that is sought. It can include medical, administrative, engineering, logistic and other kinds of training. It is also possible for people to enter into a special community college that the Air Force runs, where an enlistee can complete their college degree. This is a great benefit because it allows the enlistee to learn even while they are getting paid for their service.

The monetary benefits are one of the biggest incentives that get people into the Air Force. The payment is higher compared to most other government jobs and there is a scope for pay increase through promotions. Incentives are also provided quite generously.

Vacation benefits are a considerable incentive as well. For most jobs in the Air Force, there are 30 days of paid vacation in the whole year. This vacation can be used in any way the employees want. They can also use them for holiday traveling, and the icing on the cake is that the US Air Force provides further benefits to their employees to wish to travel in the form of discounted travel and accommodation. There are also various holiday centers known as the AFRCs (Armed Forces Recreational Centers) where these personnel can stay for highly reasonable rates.

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Another important benefit area is insurance. Health and life insurance are both covered. Medical facilities are provided all over the country, in all Air Force bases. The medical coverage is also extended to the immediate family members of the Air Force personnel. There are a few benefits that make medical insurance for Air Force personnel better than other insurances. For instance, these insurances are also available for employees who have retired from their jobs. The insurance is also allowed for visual treatments. In addition, dental insurance is also covered through the insurance. Life insurance coverage is significant as well. The coverage is provided for $400,000 and the premiums are considerably low.US Air Force retirement benefits are quite ample too. People can apply for retirement from duty after 20 years of active service. Retirement from the US Air Force is all-inclusive of pay and several benefits. Once they retire from Air Force, it is permissible for them to branch out into another career direction or they can also return to education; their pay and benefits will continue to happen.

These are the various reasons why people have such a high demand for Air Force careers. These benefits provide them with incentives that stay with them for a whole life, even after they have retired themselves from active duty. If you are looking for a stable career path that has assured growth and benefits, this is one path that you should consider.

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