Robotic weld cell

  • PowerOn was contracted to provide a full turn-key system for a robotic welding cell. PowerOn was also responsible for the design concept of the cell, the design and manufacture of the robots 3 EOAT, as well as the welding fixtures.
  • This weld cell consists of 4 Fanuc robots, 1 of which is a 6-axis robot mounted upside down on a 10ft high, 55ft long overhead gantry. This robot is a 350kg payload material handling robot. On the floor there are an additional 3 welding robots.



  • The overhead robot loads different structural metal pieces into a welding fixture, where they are welded together by a robot. Once welded, the part is picked up and placed on 1 of 2 other fixtures, where a metal skin is also welded by another robot. The final structure is then palletized by the overhead handling robot.
  • The control system consisted of an Omron PLC and HMI, with DeviceNet communication to the robots.
  • The client originally had 4 staff members assembling and welding the entire structure by hand. The new fully automated weld cell only requires a single operator.

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