Pita bread proofer servo system

  • PowerOn was contracted to provide a turn-key solution for a bakery proofer. The system consists of 14 motors, as well as an Omron PLC and HMI. The client originally wanted to use sensor-less vector VFDs for this application, due to budget restrictions.
  • PowerOn recommended and convinced the client to use Bosch-Rexroth Indradrives and servo motors instead wherever positioning was critical.
  • As a result, 10 Omron VFDs and 4 Bosch-Rexroth Indradrives with servo motors were used. The VFDs are communicating to the PLC via Modbus and the servo drives on DeviceNet.
  • The client is happy with the outcome and will be ordering 12 more Indradrives and servo motors for their next proofer system. This will now be the standard for all of their future proofer systems.
  • PowerOn and the client are currently in the process of implementing the same servo system in other future equipment
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