One invisible guest

One invisible guest

One invisible guestThe investigation can be a hectic time for you and your family. Now instead of one invisible guest, you may have a team of visitors stopping by. It is important for you to keep a cool head and offer the investigators any help they may need. Keep in mind however, this is still your home. It does not belong to the ghost, and it does not belong to the ghost hunters. You should be able to communicate any concerns you may have, and if you are uncomfortable, you can call an end to the investigation at any time.
PHASE 1: Consultations
A good investigator will interview everyone in the household (not just the eyewitnesses). At this point your journal should become quite useful. Expect to go over your notes once again with an investigator. They may notice patterns which will offer them clues on when and where to investigate. The lead researcher will likely also request a walkthrough. A walkthrough is a guided tour of the home with special emphasis on locations associated with the events outlined in your journal. From the walkthrough and interviews, the investigator should develop a plan on how they intend on investigating your home. This may include several days of investigations designed to replicate some of the conditions from your journal. You should be aware of where, when, and how they intend on investigating before they do.
PHASE 2: Research(s)
Many of the investigations can be performed with your family in the house. In fact, the researchers will likely be interested in seeing if your family has an effect on paranormal activity. While it may seem impossible, you should try your best to act as though no ghost hunters we’re there.

Ultimately, the researchers can be expected to ask for a night of unhindered access to your house. This does not necessarily mean you have to leave, but you may need to stay outside the home while they perform a sweep.

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