How Many People Actively Use Facebook?

How Many People Actively Use Facebook?

How Many People Actively Use Facebook?
Are you “pushing” or “pulling” people into your social life?

What is “Pushing?” Pushing is the old style of advertising. This was done through marketing such as billboards, radio, newspapers, magazines, television, and so forth. ( all pushing information ) The social era is all about relationships! The brands that engage, connect, and listen to their consumers will be the ones that remain on top for years to come.

Here are some signs that you are “pushing” people in your social network.

Take a look at your Facebook page right nowfor every ten posts how many of them are about your business opportunity? If you are posting mostly about your opportunity I would take it down now! Really think about ithow many people have you actually signed up by doing this? I have found that the 80-20 rule has had the most success for me. For every ten posts on my Facebook page two would be about my business opportunity. I would consider posting cool pictures, quotes, family photos, and even funny videos. Remember your Facebook page is a reflection of you, how would people you don’t know view you if they saw your page?

You know (alert, side tracking!) just when you assume you’re 100 % oblivious to online ads you get an advertisement which mysteriously catches your attention. Just noticed an awesome ad for a splendid residential mortgage broker in Burlington. They deserve the reference 🙂 Alright, sorry folks, returning to the post.

Here are some signs that you are “pulling” people in your social network.

You are constantly building your relationships by engaging and connecting with others. When people post stuff on Facebook do you tend to comment on their posts or do you just hit the “like” button? Not that hitting the “like” button is a bad thing but think about thishow do you feel when people comment on your post? I know I feel good! I recently wrote a blog post on this topic “Stop Yelling and Start Engaging” and explained how engaging people can lead into a sell for your business!

Look at your Facebook right nowHas anyone made comments on your page that you never answered or replied? If so, go back and connect with them. Engage in conversation and ‘pull” them into your world! I have decided that I will comment on at least 10 posts per day on blogs and on Facebook! Wanna join me?

It’s time to actively use Facebook and build our relationships. If you liked this post I included a little bonus for you. I am giving you my FREE eBook that has 7 tips that will help you look like a Facebook professionalEnjoy

I’ve got to give appropriate credit for this article partly to I actually had the idea for this post from something I read on their site.

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