Its all about the image and perception. Your brands graphic identity.

Its all about the image and perception. Your brands graphic identity.

Its all about the image and perception. Your brands graphic identity.
Its all about the image and perception. Your brands graphic identity plays a key role in establishing perception.

Graphic identity refers to quality, appearance of your logo Its font and colour as well as images ,style used in your advertising on social media sites and describing the guidelines of displaying the Brand name correctly.

Inconsistent through social media can create about your companys ability to consistency deliver brand promises.

For Example: The KISSmetrics company logo is simplistic in style consisting of only five solid shapes, four which have the appearance of a bar graph representing the analytical nature of the brand. The solid shape surrounding the bars is a border of a heart symbol rotated left on it’s side, representing the Keep it simple nature of KISSmetrics company’s mantra. It also represents KISSmetrics company nature of being helpful, personal and friendly, something we strive for every day.

Also, KISSmetrics company described the correct guideline of displaying the KISSmetrics name is to format KISS in uppercase and metrics in lowercase. The name is always one word and KISS is never unabridged to Keep it simple.

Being authentic and credible is the second characteristics of an effective social media branding strategy

This means your company needs to be able to deliver it’s brands as advertised. And the best way to achieve this is to be truthful and consistent.

Also, should be honest and realistic in making brand decisions. Make sure your decision support the image and perception you want to project. Any disconnect between what you do and what you want people to think can raise doubt and damage your brand.

Social Media Marketing Branding Example

Inbound Marketing Person, creating a new blog. He hopes to share his expert knowledge of SEO, Conversion rates, promote his company brand, contribute knowledge to the field, and educate consumers. In his first post he wants to dispel information he’s noticed circulating on social medias. As he’s check his blogs appearance against that of his companys other social media sites, he realizes the logo quality is poor on his blog.

Before posting anything, makes sure that the logo looks professional. (Already explained with example in first point). Then Agent then provides accessible background information to build understanding of the issue. He is honest about the benefits and limitation of the current technology. He knows this approach will build the brands image and add to it’s credibility and authenticity.

Bit of a sidetrack here… I’m looking to re design the website. Thinking about colour pallette quite a bit and wanted feedback. What do you guys think of Yes, no? Leave me a comment. My apologies! I am a scatterbrain, We’ll get back on point here.

Third characteristic of effective social media branding strategy is the principle of giving rather than receiving.

As a part of your branding activities, you need to contribute knowledge to social media network by sharing perspectives, know how, advice, relevant stories, and links to source of information.

Contributing to conversions makes social media an effective tool that may increase opportunities for your company to grow and complete.

For Example: The below image is Neil Patel tweeted about information of content marketing in twitter.

Neil Patel Shares Knowledge in Twitter

The final characteristics of effective social media branding strategy is that it be sustainable and balanced

Achieve this by picking up a few social media sites to advertise your company blog on, consistently update your post to these sites. Creating a branding presence on too many social media sites requires constant posting, which can quickly become overwhelming. Also, before posting, consider whether post is in best interest of the company. If not, or if you’ve doubts don’t post it. Its wise to be cautious, given how easily a reputation can be damaged.

Example: Pocket App presences Facebook Page

Circa and Pocket Partner to Help You Save Time, Save Content, and Stay Informed

Correct Decision:

Make a team, research all the social media sites and then carefully select few to focus their broadcasting efforts on.Manage your time and divide between updating and responding to the individual posts and keep contributing to relevant conversation threads.

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Thanks should go to Titan Transline who essentially gave me the seed idea for this posting in an email they sent to me. Looking at their website they look like an awesome heavy haul trucking company if anyone’s curious.

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