GM Rocker cover assembly line

  • PowerOn was contracted to design and assemble a control system for a GM engine rocker cover.
  • This system consisted of 9 modular stations; each with an AB ControLogix PLC and a Panelview+ HMI. It also featured 5 ABB robots, a Bosch pallet conveyor system, a pallet RFID system and a various Jokab Pluto safety PLCs.
  • The 9 stations inserted various bolts, seals, gounding strap, oil baffles and mounting clips. Non-contact eddy-current probes were used to measure hole thread depth and pitch. A full leak test was also performed.
  • With a quick changeover and a touch of a button, the line could run 4,5 or 6 cylinder rocker covers.
  • PowerOn was responsible for the electrical design, part procurement, panel assembly and assisted the client with the electrical installation and commissioning.



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