Dallas Cowboys Stadium video board elevators

  • PowerOn was contracted to provide a turn-key solution for 2 separate elevator lifts for maintenance access to the Worlds largest 1080p HD video screens, each screen being 160ft long by 72ft high. The video structure has 8 floors and the lowest point is 120ft above the field.
  • PowerOn used servo drives for speed control of the cable reels, as well as individual floor positioning. In the stadium maintenance room, staff can call each lift down to the floor via a remote operator station. The communication to this station is via 450ft long fiber optic cables.



  • Once the lift is on the ground, staff can enter it and select the required floor.
  • The lift has different speeds depending on where it is during the ascend or descend. Between the ground and the bottom of the screen, the fastest speed is achieved. The slowest speed occurs when entering the bottom of the video structure and a medium speed is used between floors.
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