Welcome to PowerOn Control Systems LTD.

PowerOn is a leading Industrial Automation Integrator, and one of industry’s most reputable Automation Solutions Providers. We are privileged with a strong and diverse customer base, including fortune 500 companies, in various industries (Robotics, Packaging, Waste Water, Food and Beverage, etc.)

What We Offer

Outstanding Product

We’re here to help you meet your needs in any way possible to deliver an outstanding product.

Custom Designs

We provide custom designs and programming solutions to your needs, no matter the industry.

Experience and Industry Knowledge

Highly skilled and experienced engineers, technologists, master electricians and technicians are experts in innovative automation solutions.

Complete Solutions

We provide initial designs, programming, implementation, training and ongoing support.

Improve Efficiency and Increase Production

We pride ourselves in designing, building and implementing the best possible solutions for our customers needs. The PowerOn team is dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service at very competitive rates. Through our wealth of automation knowledge we will match your vision. The PowerOn Team has experience with a vast range of PLC manufacturers such as Allen-Bradley, Omron, Modicon, Mitsubishi, Siemens and various others. Since all work done by PowerOn Control Systems Ltd. is customized we encourage you to contact us by phone, email or the provided contact form to address your specific needs. Let PowerOn deliver unsurpassed solutions on time, every time.